Great S.A is dedicated to doing business in accordance with the highest standards of ethics.
The company, its directors, officers, and employees endeavor to promote a culture of good corporate governance by observing and maintaining its core business principles of integrity,
teamwork, work excellence, respect for individuals, corporate responsibility, and social and
environmental responsibility in their relationships among themselves and with the company’s customers, suppliers, competitors, business partners, other stakeholders, regulators, and the public.

Great S.A engages in policies of transparency, integrity, fairness and accountability as advocated
in king iii.
The board evaluates its compliance in accordance with the principles set out in the king iii code.
We endeavor to adhere to internationally accepted standards and our production sites are audited regularly.
We adhere to regulated production procedures and regard compliance with all legislative guidelines as non-reversible.

The board of directors has delegated some of its functional responsibilities to committees of the board by means of clearly defined mandates.
Those committees of the board and its members are as
follows: strategy, finance, corporate governance & performance, audit & risk, people & sustainability