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Great s.a core excellency is on investment in sustainable mining and construction ventures with a view to providing wealth creation benefiting the company and local communities alike.
This is achieved through empowerment procurement practices, management empowerment partnering and entrepreneur development.

We are a leading player in the aggregate industry, committed to creating a better built environment.
We produce and supply a wide range of construction materials including aggregates, asphalt,
ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete products.
We supply cement materials and sand for the local community .
These products help meet the need for infrastructure like roads, schools,
hospitals, homes.
Great s.a is governed by a board of directors and executive management team with relevant
disciplines, together offering more than 25 years of local and international expertise in mining, mining construction and housing construction.



Our management includes industries specialists, engineers and
scientists who have spent their careers executing power generation
and complex construction projects across the African continent
and the middle east.



Mr. gustave songue moutome as an engineer and business executive has 30 years’ experience in the construction, electrical and real estate industry. Prior to founding and assuming his current position as the president and chief executive officer position,
he was board member and chairman of the board of lendi estates.
In his early carrier days, he worked respectively as a site engineer and project manager in major electrical power and housing construction sites in Cameroon. Mr. gustave holds a degree in electrical


Mrs. Ebenye joined Great s.a since its inception.
She has previously held in well know firms in central Africa, positions in accounting, finance and financial audit. Mrs. Ebenye as a
vice president –finance also is also an executive board member, steering the finance,
accounting and audit committee.
She holds a master degree in finance & accounting.


Mr. Effa is an executive with commercial, technical, business development, project management and transactional advisory experience in delivering turnkey infrastructural projects in the sub-sahara African countries.
Prior to joining Great s.a as a board of director member, Mr.Effa was previously the engineering sales manager for Altech Alcom, a senior advisor with core west capital inc. and a project development director
and a board director of vector resources limited.
Mr. Effa holds a master degree in engineering management.


Great s.a is dedicated to doing business in accordance with the highest standards of ethics.
The company, its directors, officers, and employees endeavor to promote a culture of good corporate governance by observing and maintaining its core business principles of integrity,
teamwork, work excellence, respect for individuals, corporate responsibility, and social and
environmental responsibility in their relationships among themselves and with the company’s customers, suppliers, competitors, business partners, other stakeholders, regulators, and the public.

Great s.a engages in policies of transparency, integrity, fairness and accountability as advocated
in king iii.
The board evaluates its compliance in accordance with the principles set out in the king iii code.
We endeavor to adhere to internationally accepted standards and our production sites are audited regularly.
We adhere to regulated production procedures and regard compliance with all legislative guidelines as non-reversible.

The board of directors has delegated some of its functional responsibilities to committees of the board by means of clearly defined mandates.
Those committees of the board and its members are as
follows: strategy, finance, corporate governance & performance, audit & risk, people & sustainability


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